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XPCOM cross platform component model


Ideas for Firefox extensions - Date on which you got the idea, who you are the title of the idea (make this a link to a separate page). When the level of difficulty is more than 2, the project can be done by a team of 2.



Idea List
Date By Idea Level of difficulty (1-5)
 16th Feb 2008 Dorai Link Extractor (LE-1)
16th Feb 2008 Dorai Link Extractor:2 - get links that match certain patterns 2
 16th Feb 2008 Dorai Word Frequency Counter (WFC-1)
16th Feb 2008 Dorai Count the frequency of words a tag cloud (WFC-2)
 16th Feb 2008 Dorai Word Frequency Counter-3 (WFC-3) 2
 16th Feb 2008 Dorai Meta tag Extractor  (MTE-1)
 16th Feb 2008 Dorai Concept Extrator (CE-1)
 16th Feb 2008 Dorai Concept Mapper Diagram tool (CMD-1)
 23rd Feb 2008 Dorai My Web Activity (webact) 2