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What is a Tag cloud?


From Wikipedia:

A tag cloud is a set of related tags with corresponding weights. Typical tag clouds have between 30 and 150 tags. The weights are represented using font sizes or other visual clues. Meanwhile, histograms or pie charts are most commonly used to represent approximately a dozen different weights. Hence, tag clouds can represent many more weights, though less accurately so. Also, frequently, tag clouds are interactive: tags are hyperlinks typically allowing the user to drill down on the data.


To get a good sense of what tag clouds look like (if you have not seen them before), click on the example links in this wikipedia page.




Java Tag Clouds - From Google Code Search



Python Tag Cloud(code)

How the tag cloud looks

This is a program I got from Google Code Search and modified to display the output produced by Kathick in the WFA V3. I did something crude by directly putting the data produced by wfa in the program. Look here for Tag Cloud - Possible Improvements.







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